Mariloup Wolf collabs with Deco Surfaces!

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Get Inspired!

Mariloup Wolfe’s “J’aime” Product Selection

Talk about a great challenge! When the people at Déco Surfaces asked me to choose my favorite floor coverings, I had the chance to express my tastes and personality. Check out a few of my top picks in the rest of this post as well as in the Spring Flyer. I hope you enjoy bringing your projects to life as much as I did putting my collection together.

Memory Bianco Ceramic Tiles:

La céramique Legno Fusion Fog :

Les planchettes de vinyle Dôme :

Le plancher flottant Castello :

La céramique LeTerre :

Cette carpette Pizzazz :

To view a wide range of Deco surface styles, check out the flyer now or go directly to their site!