Travel across the world with these 5 Instagram accounts

by Solveig McClure Poirier 2,939 views0


When the weather is gray and summer takes its time to finally arrive, I like to discover new accounts on Instagram in order to find the most beautiful pictures and travel a little bit through them. Because today is a great day to do this, here are 5 of my favorite accounts that will surely make you travel and perhaps inspire your next destination!



Pictures of Tammy are amazing! After having traveled the United Kingdom for her own show, she then left and traveled the United States, and showed her 53 000 followers the nicest spots to discover. Following her on Instagram gives you access to wide selection of pictures of great quality and a glimpse at unusual places and paradisiacal landscapes.





Mitch Cox and Cleo Cohen have ben living in their van while traveling the world for a couple of years. Their pictures are gorgeous and they constantly give me the urge to go back on an adventure!





Alison, her boyfriend and their dog are traveling the world with their van. Her pictures are always impeccable and demonstrate great artistic talent. Watch out, you’ll probably want to go discover these places too!





Gary Andt decided to sell his home in 2007 in order to go see the world. To this day, he has visited more than 170 countries in 7 continents and shares with us his greatest discoveries.




This family of 4 left California in October 2012 in order to travel for 12 months. 4 years later, they are still on the road in their Westfalia and share with us this crazy experience!



What about you, do you have any favorite Instagram accounts?