Tips and tricks to fight your jetlag

by Solveig McClure Poirier 1,981 views0

With holidays fast approaching, many will soon prepare to go abroad for well-deserved vacations. Since the time difference can sometimes make us miss precious moments when traveling, we collected our best tricks to fight jetlag!


Dress comfortably

The long plane trips can be painful if you are not well prepared. First, choose loose clothing that breath in order to be comfortable for the whole trip. In your bag, pack wool socks, wet wipes (they are very useful on long flights wich tend to dry your skin), and a shoulder pillow. If you have trouble sleeping with the lights on, pack an extra sleeping eye mask.


Change the time on your watch

In order to get used quickly to the time at your destination, set your watch to the correct time as soon as the plane takes off. If you are able to, try to respect the meal times of your destination once on the plane.


Stand up and walk

Sitting for long hours can be quite bad for you blood circulation. To stimulate it, get up and walk on the plane a few times during your flight. A walk to the bathroom every 2 hours is a great way to make sure you stand up enough.

Melatonin, a great alternative

Your first night in your new destination, try and stay awake the longest time possible in order to go to bed at an appropriate time. If you are unable to sleep, a good alternative for your first nights is to take melatonin!


What are your tricks to fight jetlag?