Summer drinks : 3 refreshing ideas

by Solveig McClure Poirier 1,531 views0

What is more enjoyable than sipping a good fruity sangria on a beautiful summer day? These beverages will surely please you and your friends this summer!


Mojito framboise

Raspberry mojito

Why settle for a simple mojito when you can add raspberries? Not only does it add a sweet taste, but it also adds color to your drink!

For the full recipe, follow this link.





What is better than a fresh lemonade on summer days? With this special lemonade, you’ll spend an even better day!

Here is the recipe.




Peach sangria

This different sangria is far from the typical red wine sangria wich we get tired of pretty quickly. Way cooler and ideal for hot summer days, you will surely love this one!

Follow the link!


What about you, what are your favorite summer drinks?