Featured food : cherries

by Solveig McClure Poirier 2,132 views0

This summer fruit is a super food, rich in antioxidant vitamins! With an average of 12% to 15% carbohydrates, it provides major amounts of vitamin C that are equipped with anti-oxidant properties.

The cherry is the first core fruit of the year and it’s season is rather short : from May to July. Although it is slightly more caloric than other fruits, its benefits are numerous so treat yourself to some cherries when you want this summer!

At the grocery store, choose your cherries firm and fresh with bright green tails. In order for them to have the best taste, you can let them on the counter overnight and then put them in the freezer for 30 minutes before serving. This is when they are best!

Cherries are also delicious in recipes! In pies, cakes or even sorbets, they always add a delicious taste to your meals!

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