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The favourite tool for online consumers

With its numerous ad spaces, is a must-have component of any online media strategy.

Effective advertising zones to meet all your needs:

Sponsored Deal (Home page or Deals page) or standard discount
Sponsored Flyer (Home page or Flyers page) or standard flyer
Featured Coupon (Home page or Coupons page) or standard coupon
Super banner
Big box
Sky Scrapper
Partner button
Advice or Tip
Contest button
Editorial advertising (newsletter)


With over 100,000 subscribers, this service is steadily gaining in popularity. These weekly newsletters have ad spaces, advertorials and more to meet the needs of every kind of advertiser.

Exclusive newsletters

Over 100 000 newsletter subscribers
For a more personalized approach, you can be the sole sponsor of a newsletter with an exclusive content. Geographic data enables you to target your exclusive newsletter to subscribers from a given location and/or with a certain profile.

Technical specifications

Advertising products

Lead time
Ads: please allow three to five business days to enable the technical team to test and publish the creative content online.
Newsletter and push email: please allow five business days to enable the technical team to test and send the mailing. Creative work can be provided on demand for a cost.

For any questions please contact your representative or contact-us

The favourite tool for online consumers is the pre-shopping website of choice for consumers looking for deals and advices on what to buy. It satisfies the needs of a growing online market while demonstrating DealStreet's commitment to the environment.

An indispensable site where consumers can:
browse flyers
find discounts offered by local retailers
get pre-shopping advice

A smart choice
84% appreciation rate (“strongly like”)
73% of visitors are between the ages of 24 and 54; among them, 71% are female
Close to 65% of visitors are from the Greater Montreal area
4.17 pages viewed per visit

Contac-us now to discuss your advertising needs.

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